Compare the Vibration Exercise Machine

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Vibrating exercise machine is the new hot item in the fitness world these days. A lot of famous celebrities are using these exercising machines to stay in shape. The vibrating plate exercise technology was invented by the Russians to train their Olympic athletes. This technology can improve the muscle and bone strength significantly according to the Russian studies. These days a lot of exercise machines have incorporated this vibrating plate technology to give you the ultimate workout experience.

There are mainly three types of vibrating exercises machines available in the market right now.

Oscillating vibration equipment: This machine has a natural vibrating system. The machine vibrates with a tilting action from side to side. This type of machines is also known as whole body vibration machines. They are the best type of machine you can buy for comfort and effectiveness.

Tri-planer Vibration Equipment: This type of machines vibrates both horizontally and vertically. However, the main platform of the machine stays constant. That is why this is less convenient than the whole body vibration machines.

Horizontal vibration equipment: In this type of machines the vibrating platform can only move horizontally.

Since a lot of people are becoming interested in buying a vibrating exercise machines, it is important to know how to compare the different types of machines so that you can buy the best one for you. Here are some tips that will help you compare the different machines and find the best vibration exercise machine for you.

1. Try to visit the dealer of the machines. Make sure that you stand on the machines and try to exercise to verify how they work. Different machines have different platform sizes. So, make sure that you compare the plates and other features of the machine before you make a final decision. Otherwise you may not find it comfortable afterwards.

2. The main feature of these machines is the vibration. However, continuous use may deteriorate the condition of the machines very quickly. That is why warranty is very important. Make sure that your machine has proper warranty to make sure that the materials used in the machine are strong enough to withstand the high intensity vibration.  Cheaper models will offer you a limited warranty. So, do not waste your money by buying a cheaper model as they will not last.

3. Make sure that you understand the mode of operation of your machine. The three types of vibrating modes are already mentioned in this article. So, if you are looking for the best workout experience with vibrating machines then you should definitely go for the oscillating one. The second best options would be the tri-planer. The machines that have these two styles can support the natural movements of your body.

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