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VibraSlim Quality – USA’s #1 Vibration Exercise Fitness Machine

The Europlate is made of the best materials only – high grade steel, high impact polymer case, surgical grade rubber exercise bands, durable foam & rubber pads, plus a high gloss silver powder coating of paint. Unlike many of our competitors, our quality comes first. We take each machine through our 32 point testing checklist to ensure each vibration machine is operating at peak performance and to our high standards. No one has a higher level of customer satisfaction than VibraSlim in the USA or Canada.

There are many small companies and individuals selling cheap Chinese vibration exercise machines and promoting them as quality fitness machines. These machines are made of plastic or cheap steel, have faulty electronics, incorrect vibration motion, insufficient power, loud operation and have NO quality control.

Do not get stuck with a broken or machine that vibrates incorrectly. Many people have been fooled into purchasing these Chinese vibration machines from these questionable sellers (many with nice looking websites) and end up with a non functioning vibrating machine that they can not even get repaired. Their investment is gone in just a few months or even weeks.

Buy Quality…. buy a VibraSlim vibration exercise fitness machine.

Europlate Specifications

Europlate sets the standard for vibration fitness

The Europlate vibration fitness machine is so affordably priced due to the fact that we are the manufacturer and only sell direct to our customers. Our low overhead lets us pass the savings on to our happy customers. We have no retail stores, no showrooms and no distributors which lets us keep our prices low without sacrificing quality. We rely and thrive on our word of mouth business instead of spending thousands on advertising. Our happy customers refer their friends and send them our way. Seventy percent of our vibration equipment sales come from referrals.

This strategy has made the Europlate the most reasonably priced, quality vibration fitness machine available on the market today.

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