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Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine by VibraSlim

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Our Europlate vibrating fitness exercise machine is the best quality equipment on the market… period!
No expense was spared in our quality steel construction and design of the Europlate®.
Our vibration machine is NOT made in China. Beware of most Chinese vibration exercise machines, they are known for their cheap quality and breakdowns.
The Europlate® is rock solid, super quiet, powerful and easy to move with it’s built in wheels.
It has the full range of vibration speeds, 17 manual settings and 5 programs.
The Europlate is Doctor approved and VibraSlim has machines across North America in Clinics.
VibraSlim is the number one brand of vibration exercise machines in the USA.
We back our Europlate® with a Full Two Year no hassle Warranty and Lifetime Motor Warranty.
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Michael Ventrella – Winner of the Biggest Loser 2010

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Quality You Can Not Only Trust ….. But Guaranteed!

vibration fitness warrantyVibraSlim vibration exercise machines are not only built to the highest standards and quality in the industry but we set the standard. Every Europlate® is made of the best materials only – high grade steel, quality digital electronics, high impact polymer case, surgical grade rubber exercise bands, durable foam & rubber pads, plus a high gloss silver powder coating of paint. Unlike our competitors, our quality comes first. We take each whole body vibration machine through our 32 point testing checklist to ensure each vibration machine is operating at peak performance and to our high standards. No one has a higher level of vibration machine customer satisfaction than VibraSlim in the USA or Canada.
Money back guarantee on Whole body vibration plates

Compare Prices of Vibration Exercise Fitness Machines

When you compare the Europlate® side by side to other vibration exercise machines, it is clear where the best value is. Going even further when you compare the features such as vibration range, speeds, programs, quality, design and the bonus exercise bands, the choice is easy…. the Europlate®.

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VibraSlim Europlate®$699
Vibraflex® – $6500 and higher.
M-Power® – $9,000 and higher.
TurboSonic® – $7,500 and higher.
Galileo® – $8000 and higher.
VibroGym®– $8500 and higher.
Pila-Vibe® – $12,000 and higher.
K2 Vibration Plate® – $3500 and higher.
Power Plate® – $4000 up to $11,000.

Vibration Exercise Fitness Machine Buyer Tips

Here are some buyer tips to help guide you through the truths and misinformation out there.

Due to the fact that whole body vibration is quite new in North America, widespread false and misleading statements and information are common on the Internet and elsewhere. To be an informed buyer you need to know the basics of what to look for in a vibration fitness machine. Here are the top ten buyer tips:

  1. Make sure the vibration machine is made of quality steel. Many machines are made of plastic parts.
  2. Make sure the fitness machine is not made in China. Do not waste your money, it will break.
  3. Who are you buying it from? Is it a real business that will be there when you need them or are they working out of the garage in the back of their house? Many people are selling cheap Chinese machines that are knock offs of other machines. BEWARE THIS IS COMMON!
  4. Does it have a good warranty? Unless you buy from a reputable company, your warranty will be worthless!
  5. Make sure the vibration machine has a triangular oscillation movement (not piston/straight up & down).
  6. Make sure the machine is quiet. Some machines are very loud and will shake the pictures off your wall.
  7. Does it have upper body vibration exercise straps? These straps double the vibration fitness exercises possible on the machine and accelerate your results dramatically.
  8. Does the vibration fitness machine actually do the full range of vibration speeds needed to get the health and fitness results you desire? Many machines do not achieve this and even promote false specifications.
  9. Make sure the vibration machine will fit the area you wish to set it up in.
  10. Do not simply use price as a gauge of quality! Many vendors are selling vibration machines with enormous markups. Even machines costing thousands more may be of the same or lesser quality. A lot of sellers are working with Multi Level Marketing Groups, BEWARE. Not only are you paying hundreds even thousands in hidden commissions, but they WILL NOT be there when your machine breaks. You could be left with a total loss of your investment.

Our buyer tips list has been created from the hundreds of calls we have received over the past eight years from unhappy customers of other vibration exercise machine retailers and manufacturers. The majority of complaints are about Chinese machines and repair problems, most commonly the company/individual they bought from is no longer around or will not repair their machine. Multi Level Marketing Groups are the worst offenders.

Why is the Europlate® Vibration Fitness Machine so Reasonably Priced?

The Europlate® whole body vibration therapy plate is so affordably priced for many reasons. First of all we are the manufacturer and only sell directly to our customers. Having no retail stores, showrooms or distributors, enables us to cut our prices dramatically and pass the savings directly to you. If we sold our Europlate vibration machines in stores our costs would be doubled. We also do not run any expensive advertising campaigns but instead we rely and thrive on our word of mouth business. Our happy customers tell all their friends about us and send them our way. Two thirds of our Europlate® vibration equipment sales come from referrals.

These simple facts make the Europlate® the most reasonably priced vibration fitness machine on the market. Our prices, combined with our top notch quality and design, have made us the number one vibrating fitness equipment manufacture in the USA and Canada.